Continuing education

We encourage our veterinary staff and partners to take part in lifelong learning programs at UQ.

Continuing education and professional development:

  • is central to the UQ School of Veterinary Science curriculum
  • helps our veterinary professionals stay up to date with advances and changes in their area of practice
  • improves our veterinary professionalsā€™ competence and specialist skills
  • benefits pet owners and their animals
  • gives us the opportunity to engage regularly with vets, alumni, government and animal health industry professionals.

UQ academic and clinical staff have an outstanding record of teaching and research.

We regularly speak at domestic and international conferences and seminars about topics of interest within our field and present research findings and publish results in peer-reviewed journals.

UQ professional development events

Find upcoming continuing education and professional development opportunities on theĀ UQ School of Veterinary Science events calendar.

UQ VETS Annual Equine Practitioners Conference

Every year, UQ VETS Equine Specialist Hospital hosts the Equine Practitioners Conference.

The two-day event features lectures and laboratory sessions on a range of cases and topics