UQ VETS Equine Specialist Hospital's world-leading specialist veterinarians and nurses work together to provide outstanding veterinary care for your horse.

We offer specialist care for your horse

When your horse presents to our hospital, you'll have access to a strong and broad group of specialists who provide the best care for your horse across a wide range of services.

We're proud of the service we deliver and strive to provide horse owners and trainers with the best treatment options and outcomes for your horse.

We're training the next generation of equine veterinarians

As a teaching hospital, we're committed to training the next generation of veterinary students.

Our advanced, graduate veterinary residents in surgery, medicine and sports medicine are integrally involved in your horse's care. This helps them to observe, assist and learn from the varied equine cases that present to our hospital.

We conduct clinical research

At UQ VETS Equine Specialist Hospital, we're involved in ongoing clinical research to develop innovative treatments and make them available for your horse.

We're focused on continuing education 

We encourage our veterinary professionals to 'learn for life' through continuing education and professional development at UQ.

We hold an annual UQ VETS equine practitioners conference

Once a year, we hold an equine practitioners conference on-site for veterinarians to learn about equine-related topics and issues and to experience hands-on events. It’s a great opportunity for our specialists to engage with other veterinarians.