UQ VETS Equine Specialist Hospital offers consultations with qualified animal or veterinary physiotherapists from our external provider Active Animals Physiotherapy. This service is referral only.

Active Animals Physiotherapy is led by Dr Lesley Goff, one of the world’s leading animal physiotherapists.


Active Animal Physiotherapy experts treat horses for back, neck and joint pain including arthritis, muscle strains, sprains, and neurological conditions.  

Uniquely, they can fully manage physiotherapy for both horse and rider in an equestrian athlete team.

Restore and rehabilitate

Active Animal physiotherapist experts restore movement in horses caused by pain and impairment to ensure complete recovery from surgery or other injury. 

They also rehabilitate horses after surgery or a return from spelling.


Active Animal physiotherapist experts use methods including:

  • manual therapies (manipulation and soft tissue work)
  • dry needling
  • kinesiology taping
  • electrotherapy (ultrasound and neuromuscular stimulation), if appropriate.

Make an appointment

You'll need a referral from your vet before you book. You can be referred internally if your horse is a patient with us.

After referral: to make an appointment, phone us on 07 5460 1788.

Business hours

Monday to Friday: 8am to 4pm

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