UQ VETS Equine Specialist Hospital is staffed with highly trained veterinary specialists who perform a wide range of general, soft-tissue and orthopaedic surgeries for horses.

Our skilled veterinarians carry out routine and complex surgical procedures for performance and pleasure horses. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for emergency surgery.

Supported by our gold-standard diagnostic imaging services, our veterinary surgeons can provide a diagnostic examination (work-up) of your horse's condition and discuss surgery and treatment options with you.

Surgeries take place in our world-class facilities using specialised equipment to safely anaesthetise, transport, image and operate on your horse.

Surgical procedures

    Soft-tissue surgery

    • Laparoscopy (abdominal keyhole surgery)
    • Tie-back surgery and other upper airway procedures
    • Complicated wound repair
    • Sinus surgery
    • Laser surgery

    Emergency surgery

    • Dystocia/caesarean section
    • Colic surgery

    Orthopaedic surgery

    • Arthroscopy (joint surgery through an incision) 
    • Fracture repair
    • Angular limb deformities
    • Flexural limb deformities (tendon surgery)
    • Podiatry surgery (foot surgery)
    • Back surgery for cranial wedge osteoctomy (kissing spine)

    Reproductive surgery

    • Mare reproductive tract surgery

    Modern surgical facilities

    Our two operating theatres for general or orthopaedic procedures are stocked with:

    • high-definition endoscopes (for laparoscopy or arthroscopy)
    • fluoroscopy
    • locking compression plates
    • a diode laser
    • an arthroscopy tower with surgical cameras to display images during surgical procedures.

    Tailored equipment for large animals

    • Two fully padded, anaesthetic stalls for induction or knock down and safe recovery
    • Two purpose-built crushes for standing procedures
    • A gantry (overhead hoist) to safely transport patients with difficulty standing to the surgery table and then on to recovery.