Our livestock and production animal vets provide on-farm care and advice on stock health and welfare to ensure your herd is performing at its optimal level.

We cater for farmers, including hobby farmers, within a 70-kilometre radius of UQ Gatton.



Our services cover beef, feedlot and dairy herds, with a focus on preventative health and productivity.

Herd health services

Our services include:

  • disease surveillance and investigation for diseases such as Pestivirus and Johnes Disease
  • calf health
  • vaccinations and worming
  • semen assessment, including morphology
  • bull breeding and soundness exam
  • gastrointestinal surgery
  • obstetrical/calving emergencies and caesareans
  • hoof care, lameness evaluations and preventative advice
  • lameness evaluations
  • mastitis investigation
  • surgical intervention (including on-farm abdominal surgery)
  • pregnancy diagnosis (early detection from 32 days)

Herd performance

We'll evaluate and recommend ways to improve dairy or beef herd performance.

Areas that we identify for improvement may include:

  • milk production
  • reproduction
  • mastitis
  • lameness
  • milk quality
  • young stock growth
  • illness prevention.

We can determine the causes of your herd's poor performance and may analyse records, interview staff and observe your animals before suggesting appropriate interventions.

We will continue to monitor the herd’s performance and progress on biweekly, weekly or monthly visits, as required.