Aaron has dual roles at the University of Queensland as both a Researcher and Senior Lecturer in Small Animal Medicine in the Faculty of Veterinary Science and a UQ VETS clinician.

Aaron has over 20 years veterinary practice in small animals and exotics. He is internationally experienced and qualified in emergency, surgical and internal specialist. He graduated from Texas A&M University College of Veterinary Medicine (1998), practiced as a US Army Veterinarian and worked in private practice in general practice, emergency and farm animals (goats and cattle).

Aaron began a five-year combined residency in Internal Medicine and PhD program at Oklahoma State University in 2010.  The focus of his PhD research was diabetes mellitus in cats and the use of novel medications such as incretin mimetics for the treatment of this disease. 

Aaron relocated to Australia and joined UQ VETS in September 2015.  His professional interests are primarily in the field of endocrinology, especially diabetes in dogs and cats, gastroenterology, hepatology, immune-mediated disease, and infectious disease.