Our dedicated and experienced UQ VET Small Animal Hospital anaesthetists perform anaesthesia, analgesia and after care for animals needing sedation and general anaesthesia for a procedure. 

Our Anaesthetic and analgesia team works with our other UQ VETS services, including Primary care, Surgery, Internal medicine, and Avian and exotic to ensure the best possible care for our patients.

Individual care for every animal

Safe, effective anaesthesia

Each patient is cared for by a member of the anaesthesia team who is dedicated to their individual anaesthetic management.

Uniquely, our veterinary anaesthetists are on staff within our hospital. They’re highly skilled at providing the safest and most effective anaesthesia experience.

We work with a range of small animals including but not limited to dogs, cats, birds, exotics and native wildlife.

Our expertise is underpinned by comprehensive and innovative equipment for delivering and monitoring anaesthesia.

Customised pain management

We’re trained in all aspects of veterinary pain management.

We tailor pain management to each patient’s unique needs so your animal is comfortable before, during and after a procedure.

We do this by designing pain management protocols that include:

  • the constant delivery of analgesics
  • local and regional anaesthetic blocks
  • other innovative pain management techniques.