UQ VETS Small Animal Hospital veterinary radiologists and radiographers provide high-quality medical imaging with the greatest of care.

Our UQ VETS Small Animal Hospital diagnostic imaging service is only available to UQ VETS patients and referred cases. Your vet will organise an internal referral for you.

Our imaging techniques

Advanced digital X-ray rooms with CR/DR

Our radiology team can quickly produce and interpret high-quality images. Through direct digital and computed imaging, we can process images seconds after they’re taken, ensuring every study includes diagnostic images. Using our hospital-integrated PACS, we can view images across the hospital and send them to reporting radiologists external to UQ VETS.


We can provide dynamic X-ray studies in ‘real time’ to assess for conditions such as swallowing disorders and tracheal collapse. Surgeons also perform intraoperative fluoroscopy when using C-arm image intensifiers.

CT scans

Our onsite 160-slice helical CT scanner allows us to produce cross-sectional and 3D imaging to aid diagnoses. By using a pressure injector, we can also offer CT-angiography. Our extended field of view and high table weight limit allows for imaging of large exotic and production animals such as emus, alpacas and pigs. 


Ultrasound allows us to evaluate many internal organs and structures in a non-invasive way. Our experienced sonographers use it to gather information very quickly to assist with managing and treating cases.

We also use ultrasound for minimally invasive techniques such as aspirates, biopsies and guided injections.

Hip and elbow scoring

We perform hip and elbow scoring onsite and sent externally for scoring. Appointments are limited, so book in advance to avoid disappointment.

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Advanced equipment

Our range of modern equipment includes:

  • dedicated small animal digital radiography rooms
  • special procedures room with fluoroscopy
  • 160-slice helical CT, including a large animal table and pressure injector
  • multiple top-of-the-line ultrasound units
  • nuclear medicine suite.