If your pet is sick, has an injury or needs a check-up, our UQ VETS Small Animal Hospital vets will provide the very best standard in animal care.

Our highly skilled primary care clinicians have access to modern diagnostic equipment and innovative hospital facilities, and collaborate with our inhouse veterinary specialists to ensure your pet receives the best care.

Our services

We care for dogs, cats and avian and exotic pets for routine health care and in times of illness or injury.

We provide cat-only veterinary spaces to reduces stress for all pets during their visit.

New animal health examinations

We will carry out a detailed physical exam, discuss recommended vaccination and parasite prevention regimes, and provide advice on diet, behaviour, microchipping and desexing.

Annual health examinations

We recommend an annual check-up to monitor your pet’s health and identify issues that may not be obvious. A thorough physical exam and age-appropriate laboratory tests can help to ensure your pet’s health needs are being met as they mature.

General consultations

We offer general consultations for a range of medical, surgical and dermatological conditions.

Routine cases include, but are not limited to:

  • skin diseases
  • eye problems
  • ear infections
  • lameness
  • weight management
  • gastrointestinal upsets.

Behaviour consultations

Talk to us about training and managing problem behaviours. In some cases, we may recommend referral to a specialist veterinary behaviourist or connect you with an accredited behavioural trainer.

Preventive health consultations

We will discuss key preventative health measures that will help keep your pet healthy and safe.

These include but are not limited to:

  • vaccinations
  • heartworm prevention
  • intestinal worming
  • flea and tick prevention
  • diet.

Dental consultations

We will show you how to maintain your pet’s good dental health and assess any need for procedures such as clean and polish or teeth removal.


Regular surgical procedures include:

  • desexing
  • biopsies and lump removals
  • wound exploration and closure.

If required, our team will discuss the need for an internal referral to our small animal surgery service.

Blood donor program for dogs

Save a pet's life by applying to enrol your dog in our UQ VETS Community Blood Donor Program.

Make an appointment

One-hour primary care appointments are available during our business hours.

Business hours: Monday to Friday, 8am to 6pm (last appointment 5pm)

Urgent care appointments Monday to Friday, 7am to 10pm

Note: as we are a teaching hospital, final-year UQ veterinary science and veterinary technology students may be present under close supervision during your consultation.

    Prepare for your appointment

    Book by phone

    Phone: 07 5460 1788

    Specialist and emergency services

    • You will need a referral from your vet for an appointment with one of our specialist services.
    • Urgent and emergency care is available between 7am and 10pm, Monday - Friday only.