UQ VETS veterinary anaesthetists perform anaesthesia, analgesia and after care for horses that are sedated and then induced or 'go under' general anaesthesia. 

Specialist anaesthetists

Our specialist anaesthetists are qualified veterinarians with an extra three to five years training specifically in anaesthesia. 

They’re highly skilled at providing a safe anaesthetic experience using comprehensive equipment to deliver and monitor anaesthesia.

They work closely with specialists in surgery, internal medicine and diagnostic imaging to give your horse the best possible treatment and care.

Horses may need anaesthesia for health problems, medical procedures or diagnostic imaging such as computed tomography (CT).

Pain management

Our highly trained team tailors pain management to your horse's unique needs. We design innovative pain management including:

  • constant delivery of analgesics (medicine to relieve your horse's pain)
  • local and regional anaesthetic blocks and
  • other state-of-the-art pain management techniques.

Your horse is cared for by their own anaesthesia team member who looks after their anaesthetic and pain management.  

We'll make sure your horse is comfortable before, during and after their procedure.

We present and publish our research

Our team is actively involved in:

We regularly:

  • speak at conferences and seminars 
  • present our recent research findings and
  • publish results in peer journals.